1919 Extension

Date:   2019 – Phased Continuation
Location:   San Francisco, CA, USA
Program:   House Extension, Interior Renovations, Landscape Design
Area:   2,435  ft² (226 m²)
Site Area:   2,250 ft² (209 m²)
Client:   Private Residents
Project Team:   Bianca Lin, Guannan Jiang, Jeffery Guo

In a hilly San Francisco neighborhood stands a 1968 Northern-California-Modern wood shingle house. Seeking to expand contemporary livability and spaciousness, the front of this intriguing tower house is extended forward with a new volume of stacked rooms.

Perched at the top is a new dining room reaching forward with panoramic views including the SF skyline and the bay. A few steps lower the kitchen is re-positioned, as a large new hearth at the heart of the house. Below the dining room is a balcony and two bright new bedrooms, with all spaces flowing centrally through both existing and new stairs, including a staircase-library that connects down to a new garage and street level entrance.

 Bermed into the steep hillside in front of the house is a concrete garage and work studio. This massive block blends into the landscape of the site with a deep green roof, so that the garden approach of the setback house is preserved atop the new space. Overall the aim is to expand for a flowing livability of contemporary use, yet preserve the spectacular stance and character of this Sea Ranch style home.

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      ©2024 haddock studio