Baggu Display Fixtures 

Date:   2021
Display Fixtures 
Cork, Wood, Powder Coated Steel
Client:   BAGGU
Project Team:   Lingxiu Chong, Juke Jose, Jeffory Guo, Pak Siu

We developed a series of display and fixture pieces for the bag and fashion brand BAGGU. The material pallet draws on the brand’s ethos of sustainability, as defined by the highly renewable material of cork. The earthy material is used for many custom display pedestals, trays, hat stands and so on. 

Alongside the cork is a range of playful yet industrial-inspired flat white metal hanging fixtures, consisting of adjustable bag stands, laptop stands, different peg hangers, hanging shelves, etc.

In total the series is to accommodate current and future product lines of the brand, while establishing a new display language and physical character for BAGGU that will inhabit new stores and retail installations to come.

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      ©2024 haddock studio