Ideas City Detroit

Date:   2016
Detroit, MI, USA
Monuments / Public Amenities
Site Area:   Vacant Houses
City of Detroit

For Ideas City Detroit - a symposium hosted by the NY based New Museum - we proposed a non-affirmative monument series of 3 ‘houses’, where themes of belonging and removal can be reflected, as well as the immaterial social culture of street life and neighborhood value.

(Past) Skeleton House - is an outline of a lost home from an all black neighborhood that was raised for suburban urban-planning in the 1960’s, the monument also acts as a playground.

(Present) Concrete-mâché House - encasing a dangerously-open burned house with concrete-fabric and a timeline of articles on its sounding board surface.

(Future) Mountain House - In response to greenifying the city, this monument saves one house from a slated-for-removal neighborhood, bringing it onto a mountain pedestal of remembrance and becoming an observation deck.

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      ©2024 haddock studio